ECOPLUS, a registered non-profit-organization in Japan, is inviting students from Yap, Micronesia from 20th to 30th of March 2013. Since 1992, we organized educational project in Yap, the one of the most traditional inlands in the Pacific, under the strong support by local people and communities.

Celebrating its 20 year history, we invite the students of Yap to Japan to think about the future of Yap through site visits, lectures, and experiencing so called modern life in Japan.

The program is organized by ECOPLUS, Department of Youth and Civiv affaires at Yap State Government, and several villages of Yap island. United Airlines, Cbon Corporation, MAEDA CORPORATION, ISONO Real Estate  are Key sponsors for this project and other groups and individuals are supporting the project together.


主催    NPO法人エコプラス

共催    ヤップ州青少年局、マ、ルム、アリンゲル、カダイ、ルムング、ブゴルの各集落

協賛    ユナイテッド航空、(株)シーボン、前田建設工業(株)、磯野不動産(株)

後援    ミクロネシア連邦大使館、南魚沼市教育委員会、太平洋諸島地域研究所

協力    損保ジャパンちきゅうくらぶ、カンタービレこうじまち、パタゴニア


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For the sustainable and peaceful future