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Snow ball fighting! March 26th, 雪合戦に夢中!

(by Xinle Su)
Today started off with a trip to the local junior high school! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there but looked on as the school girls bade farewell warmly to the Yap youths. It sure seemed fun!
We went to Tochikubo Village soon after, when it was time to play in the snow! Before we even went to the actual snow playing area, chaos had already erupted as the youths started snowball fights. When we reached the snow area, youths had fun sleighing down slopes, building snowmans and houses, and barbecuing marshmallows. Before long, two hours had passed, and we trudged back to the community house tired but satisfied, ready to fill our stomachs with delicious local food. A kind of food of worthy mention during lunch was fermented soybeans, otherwise known as natto, which can apparently only be found in Japan. The 豚汁tonjiru was filled with much ingredients and warmed our freezing bodies.
130326塩沢中学校2s.jpg 130326イグルーの前s.jpg
At the same community house, we were joined by 4 masters of straw-craft who taught us how to make sandals from straw. While it required much effort and patience to get the technique right, it seems that quite a few people completed making the sandals!

We returned to our lodging after that, at which point dinner preparations started. We had this “competition” whereby everyone in the cooking team had to cook his or her own version of fried rice, with a variety of seasonings offered. One interesting dish was from Christo, who added curry seasoning. Thumbs up for the imagination!

After a brief rest, we had one of our longest meetings! We divided into three groups to talk about experiences in Niigata and Tokyo after a general discussion. The atmosphere was lively and brimming with energy.

Everyone was dismissed at about 10, so they must be really tired from such a long day. お疲れ様でした!






夜は午後10時まで、これまでの活動をふり返ってのグループディスカッション。長い一日ご苦労さまでした。        今日の記録係 シンレ・スー

Running in the snow, 雪の中で走り回る


It was snowing this morning in Minami-Uonuma. Students visited Tochikubo-village, a mountainous community with 4 meters of snow in mid-winter. Still meters of snow was covering rice paddies and they start snow ball fighting naturally.




Some of them made a monument with a stone money on top.

何人かが作った雪の塔。一番上にヤップの石貨が乗っていました。OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Even on the snow, students moved freely as same as in Yap.

慣れない雪の上なのに、ヤップの若者たちの動きは機敏。雪の上を走り回っていました。OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Intimate homes, 日本の家庭にひたる

After 15 years, Tina met with her host family in Japan. At that time she was a high school students and now she is leading the team.



Coming back from home staying, students and family members had nice time over sushi roll.




When the party concluded, the snow started. Temperature was going down. Next day, we will go to mountain side..



Sushi Party in Niigata, March 25th, 70人近くで巻きずしパーティ

by GOTO Ei

Natsumi, Mr.Ohmae and I went to the supermarket to prepare for today’s exchange session. At 3 pm , we started preparation. Cooking rice, cutting cucumbers and raw fishes.

At 5:30pm, Yapese and host families gathered at Shiozawa Seminar House. The session was held with many local foods. For example, they gave us yellow pickles(Takuan) , sermon, boiled plants(Zenmai), etc. We ate Temaki-sushi.130325懇親会巻きずしs.jpg  130325夜のミーティングs.jpg

At the session, Tina met the family who hosted her 16 years ago. The host mother and father came to the session to meet her. They looked so happy and I was impressed.

Mr. Nozawa, who is a photographer, showed us a picture show. It included pictures of Yap and Japan! I haven’t been to Yap , but want to go there. Because all the pictures were beautiful.

After that, Yapese and Japanese had a meeting each. Yapese finished at 11pm. Chaperones and young staff finished around 12 am. Actually, I was sleepy, but it was very good to talk about many things.





その後は、ヤップと日本の若者がそれぞれ何をこれまで学んだかを議論し、ヤップの若者たちの会話は午後11時まで、日本の若者とスタッフのミーティングは午前零時まで続きました。とっても眠いのですが、いろんなことを話すことができてよかったです。今日の報告担当 後藤瑛

Volunteers for the trip, ヤップの若者を支える日本の若者

From tomorrow night, students from Yap will stay in an ex-dormitory of Shiozawa Junior High School. For that sake, volunteers are preparing sheets for sleeping bags.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Arrived to the snow country, 雪の新潟に到着


After having 2 nights at host families in Tokyo, students from Yap moved to Minamiuonuma, Niigata, where still 1 meter of snow remains.



Again, they are to have one more night with Japanese families here. They will experience life in rural Japan.


Some of those were joining Karate class at the community center.


Business day, March 22nd, 3月22日企業を訪問

Today, we study all the day. After we checked out Youth Hostel, we went to a construction company by train. This is first time for them to take a train. The company is involved with Yap very much. We have very careful explanation about “development and environment” in this company. For Yap, development is very important word. “What do they want to change Yap from now on?” This is important question for them. In the afternoon, we moved by subway and visit the hotel, after we had lunch. “What can we do for environment in this business we know that obviously destroys environment. We must think too many things. And thank you for these companies to welcome kindly. After visiting these companies, we went to Hibiya Park, saw stone money which set in there, and came back to Youth Hostel. On arriving there, we had an explanation about homestay. After that, they were picked up by their host family.

130322前田講座01s 今日は一日勉強の日でした。午前中はユースホステルをチェックアウトした後、初めての電車に乗り、ヤップ島とも関係の深い建設会社に行ってきました。ここでは、開発と環境についてとても丁寧に説明してもらいました。



How do they feel about first trip by train? They looked little nervous for using tickets and riding on a train. And some Yapese was surprising at big noise made by train. Then, I wonder they have no idea to look stone money in Japan, they were surprised at stone money in Hibiya Park. Some Yapese thought why does this stone money fall sideways, another thought how valuable is this stone money. If you want to see the stone money, please look for!!

130322地下鉄の切符 初めての電車移動はみんなにとってどうだったのでしょうか。初めて切符を使って改札を通り、ほとんどの子が初めて乗る電車に緊張しながら乗っていました。電車から降りた後、電車が通りすぎるたびにする大きな音にとても驚いている子もいました。また、日本で見るとは思わなかったのか、日比谷公園にある石貨にもみんな驚いていたみたいです。驚きながらも、石貨の向きがちょっとおかしくて首をひねっている子や石貨の価値が気になっている子もいました。気になった方は日比谷公園で石貨を探してみてください!


They may be tired because they had so many newly experiences in few days. But can they relax at their homestay? Please enjoy your homestay!! I’m looking forward to sharing their experiences!

P.S. Sorry for being late for submitting;;
Written by Yuki Yoshimura

Home stay! ホームステイに出発

At 5 p.m. family members were showing up to pick up their hosting students. Many of those visited Yap before and now are grown up having their own family members. Yapese students were a bit nervous but with those young sisters and brothers, they headed to their homes with smile.



Lunch and subway, お昼ご飯と地下鉄

During corporate visits, students took lunch in an open cafeteria in central business area, Yurakucho.



On the way back to the hostel, they experienced to take a ride on subway.



Visiting big businesses, 大企業を訪問

The day 3 would be ‘Big business day.’ Students started to have a lecture at Maeda corporation, a global construction company which once build fishing harbors and large freezers in Yap.   The company provided them a overview of environmental issues in general and then moved to their cases in their development activities. 130322前田講座渡辺さんs



On the way to Maeda corporation, students took a ride on a commuting train.