ECOPLUS 2009 General Meeting and Members’ Gathering

From 18:30, June 19th, 2009 Meeting Room at Tokyo Women’s Plaza, Tokyo

A total of 22 full members, observers etc. got together for the 6th ECOPLUS General Meeting on June 19.

Agenda included activity and financial reports in 2008 and the proposals of those for the next year. They were passed unanimously.

In 2008, ECOPLUS enhanced the projects in local community, and succeeded to work with new fields by promoting corroborative activities with companies and municipalities.

It was the year of Worlds School Network ends.

TAKANO, Chairperson greeted, \”The activities like ECOPLUS will be more important at the turning point of the society. More people have taken action with high consciousness consciousness against the society and we would like to contribute to build a new society with them.\”

Aim of the activities in 2009

– ECOPLUS will work on not only citizens, but also more companies, organizations,

– And municipalities in order to plant seeds for developing human resources.

– It will work for \”Global Citizenship Award\” in full scale, which was started to develop in 2005.

– It will call for organizations in Tokyo area to work together for the green education project and sustainability in Minamiuonuma.

– It will work with local people to revitalize communities in Minamiuonuma, and continue to help small businesses there succeed.