Straw rope making, 縄ないを習う

After enjoyed playing in the snow, elder persons of the village taught students how to make rope with rice straw. In Yap, rope is made from coconuts fiber. Students were quite good rope makers, elders admired.



Joverlyn made a small sandal with this local elder.


Boys took the first hot spring in their life time.



Snow ball fighting! March 26th, 雪合戦に夢中!

(by Xinle Su)
Today started off with a trip to the local junior high school! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there but looked on as the school girls bade farewell warmly to the Yap youths. It sure seemed fun!
We went to Tochikubo Village soon after, when it was time to play in the snow! Before we even went to the actual snow playing area, chaos had already erupted as the youths started snowball fights. When we reached the snow area, youths had fun sleighing down slopes, building snowmans and houses, and barbecuing marshmallows. Before long, two hours had passed, and we trudged back to the community house tired but satisfied, ready to fill our stomachs with delicious local food. A kind of food of worthy mention during lunch was fermented soybeans, otherwise known as natto, which can apparently only be found in Japan. The 豚汁tonjiru was filled with much ingredients and warmed our freezing bodies.
130326塩沢中学校2s.jpg 130326イグルーの前s.jpg
At the same community house, we were joined by 4 masters of straw-craft who taught us how to make sandals from straw. While it required much effort and patience to get the technique right, it seems that quite a few people completed making the sandals!

We returned to our lodging after that, at which point dinner preparations started. We had this “competition” whereby everyone in the cooking team had to cook his or her own version of fried rice, with a variety of seasonings offered. One interesting dish was from Christo, who added curry seasoning. Thumbs up for the imagination!

After a brief rest, we had one of our longest meetings! We divided into three groups to talk about experiences in Niigata and Tokyo after a general discussion. The atmosphere was lively and brimming with energy.

Everyone was dismissed at about 10, so they must be really tired from such a long day. お疲れ様でした!






夜は午後10時まで、これまでの活動をふり返ってのグループディスカッション。長い一日ご苦労さまでした。        今日の記録係 シンレ・スー

Running in the snow, 雪の中で走り回る


It was snowing this morning in Minami-Uonuma. Students visited Tochikubo-village, a mountainous community with 4 meters of snow in mid-winter. Still meters of snow was covering rice paddies and they start snow ball fighting naturally.




Some of them made a monument with a stone money on top.

何人かが作った雪の塔。一番上にヤップの石貨が乗っていました。OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Even on the snow, students moved freely as same as in Yap.

慣れない雪の上なのに、ヤップの若者たちの動きは機敏。雪の上を走り回っていました。OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA