Second session was held in Kosuge, Yamanashi

The second session of \”Place-based Education\” Project was held on 30th-31st, July in Kosuge village, Yamanashi.

The second session was held in Kosuge village, Yamanashi prefecture on 30-31st July. Three committee members, Dr. Kimata, Mr. Yokoyama, Mr. Sakuma participated in the session.

Kosuge has a headstream of Tama river which supplies drink water to Tokyo area. On 30th, members visited around the village and saw a closed elementary school, which is now used as a place for interaction between locals and universities in Tokyo area. At the village office, members got lectures about educational activities from village officers and related organizations. At night, members had a discussion with local people, some of them had moved in from Tokyo. They introduced their activities on \”food\”, \”farming\”, \”experience in nature\” and so on.

The committee is planning next discussion session in Kyushu in September, as well as symposium in Rikkyo university (Ikebukuro Tokyo) on 1st February 2014.