Visiting big businesses, 大企業を訪問

The day 3 would be ‘Big business day.’ Students started to have a lecture at Maeda corporation, a global construction company which once build fishing harbors and large freezers in Yap.   The company provided them a overview of environmental issues in general and then moved to their cases in their development activities. 130322前田講座渡辺さんs



On the way to Maeda corporation, students took a ride on a commuting train.



Busy day, March 21st, 3月21日の記録

21th, March, 2013
bySAKANE Natsumi
Today was one of the busiest day. And the weather was totally different from that of yesterday: it was cold and windy.
Most Yapese seemed to feel cold all day long. (some got out without giving it too much thought about the weather so they seemed even to get frozen. anyway, in a sense, it was a good experience for them to know the difference of climate before they go to Nigata)
We gathered at 7 in the morning!! (crazy….so early!!) We got on a bus and went to Tsukizi Fish Market.
At the market, Mr.Hirako showed us some restaurants which he recommended to have breakfast.
After we had breakfast, Mr.Niimi from Daito Gyorui company took us to see through the fish market. There were plenty of fish with different types, colors and shapes. Many of those fish seemed familiar to Yapish students.
And then Mr.Niimi gave us a lecture and showed us a video about how the fish market is working now and its history.
For me this was also the first time to see around Tsukizi fish market, so it was amazing and I learned about a lot of things.
Next we went to the “Chuohu Bohatei,” it is the dumping site of garbage from all over Tokyo 23 wards.
It was huge area. Even Japanese, we rarely see inside the dumping site, so there were a lot of things which I knew for the first time .
Then, we tested water visibility in two spots in order to compare with that in Yap.  At a river management center and we were welcomed by a lot of officers and through the lectures here we learned that water and waste are really connected issues.
In late evening we took “UDON,” or Japanese noodles and had reflection session at the youth hostel exchanging opinions over trash and water issues.
At the end, I really appreciate my friend, Xinle, for her hard work for the translation in such busy schedule.


 そして、その後、会議室で主に築地市場につい てのビデオとレクチャーを受けました。
 予定より1時間遅れの帰りとなりへとへと。(もちろん、日本人も。うー ん、日本人のほうが!?)
そ ろそろ彼らも、ごはん前の「いただきます」、後の「ごちそうさま」は慣れたもの。お箸も大半がだいぶ慣れてきて楽しそうに夕食を食べていました。
 今日はテーマが水とごみということで、朝早くからたくさんの 場所にいき、レクチャーも3つほど受けたので、スケジュール的にはタイトでしたが、様々な問題が絡み合った、一筋縄ではいかない現実をみることができ、私たち日本人にとっても、もちろんヤップの子たちにとっても実り多き日でした。